We wish you to remember the seaside Kamakura forever,

everytime you see a lovely Jewelry.


  Jepun's jewelry shop opened at Hase of Kamakura in 1997.

  We mainly sell our hand-made accessories.  Pearls are the key items.  We use Akoya-pearl of Ise Bay 伊勢湾 for many of our works and sometimes use Tahiti black pearl.  The pearls of  South Sea Islands have the unique taste and we like them as well as Akoya pearl.

  We select the good quality jewelries.  Therefore, our accessories might not be inexpensive but they are priced reasonably for the quality.


  We carefully arrange the interiors and display the items so as to show the harmony of the jewelry and the ocean.  

  We would be happy if you feel it in our place.


   I joined Tasaki after getting the Bachelor's degree of Engraving, Arts & Crafts.  Challenging myself to international Jewelry contests, I won a prize three times while working for them.

  Thanks to Tasaki for the good experience. 

(Tasaki: One of the most established Japanese Jewelry companies, since 1962.)

  I gradually had a wish to have my own shop where visitors could have the image of the ocean.  Then, I opened Jepun in Kamakura.  I make jewelries and my husband manages the shop.  When receiving the good jewelry, we enjoy talking about the new accessories.


We are lookig forwardto your visit.


  The ancient city Kamakura is also a seaside town.  After a sightseeing tour around temples and shrines, a walk along the beach is also recomendable.  We wish you to find a lovely souvenir at Jepun for your memory of Kamakura visit. 



2-17-14 Hase, Kamakura-City, 2480016 Kanagawa-Pref. Japan

Tel:(+81 0) 467-23-7012

Hours: 11:30a.m.-6:00p.m.

Closed on Tue. & Wed.

(En) http://jepun-en.com/

(Jp) http://jepun.net

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