We are somehow attracted by the natural things such as pearls, shells, or corals etc.  Putting them together with the gold and other beautiful material or the leather strap, they look more lovely.



(from the left picture to the right)

Akoya Pearl Bracelet and Pierce

   A set of pierces and bracelet is popular among the visitors from overseas.  To purchase either the pierces or the bracelet is possible.


Akoya Pearl Necklace (\78,800 - \110,000)

   Rhodium plating Silver Clasp.  If excessive pearls are received after making a chain, we would make a pierce for another \5,000 or earrings for \12,800 at your option.


Silver Chain Ring (\4,800)
   Free size. In the motif of the sea


Diamond Full eternity ring
(\148,000 for the ring size Jp No.11 (No.6 in the US for example)
   0.5 ct. Recommendable item for the engagement ring.


   American type Pierce in the snow crystal shape. 18k gold is available on the request basis.


Starfish Pierce
   Silver or Gold plating silver.


Akoya-Keshi Pearl Necklace
   Akoya-Keshi is a little bit expensive but it's worth it.  Color of the Keshi pearl is very natural.  We make the pendant tops when the small pieces are received.  Wearing Keshi Necklace tothether with gold or silver chain would be good.


Akoya Pearl Wire bracelet
   We use Turquoise, too.  Freshwater pearl, Starfish or Shell shaped charm is put at the adjuster.



Akoya Pearl and K18YG
   We make them using small pieces of Akokya Pearl. A beautiful diamond is also put on for the rose shaped pendant.


Tahiti Black Pearl and Turquoise Bracelet
   We use mainly Akoya Pearl, but sometimes we use other pearls.  This black pearl is really beautiful.


Rice Paddy's Bag
   Most of our items are jewelry, but sometimes we sell the bags etc.  We received 2 lovely bags from Rice Paddy.


Shells from Hawaii
   We have just received them and will make the lovely accessories.  We are thinking about using some of them with coral.


* More pictures of the items are shown in our Japanese web site, which shows pictorial pages with few words.

* Since each item of our shop is one of a kind, the items introduced on this web site may be sold out when you visit us. However, we always make all jewelry in the same way with all our love and we hope that you will be able to find your favorite one.

(as of December, 2015)

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