Goryo-jinja Shrine 御霊神社

This shrine is well known for its history and nearest from Jepun.  Go straight toward the opposite direction to the beach and turn right at the cross where a woody-building old store stands, you will find it from there on.  The entrance is sometimes filmed for the TV series.

Kamakura’s Hasedera Temple 鎌倉 長谷寺

I think it should be Hase-dera after vising Goyro-shrine.  Take the exit of Goryo shrine at a side instead of the front gate, you will see just the top of Hasedera's roof.  You might feel anxious about getting lost because the lane is quiet.  But don't worry, you will hit the main street going to the Hase station soon. Then, turn left for Hasedera.


A big surfing competition, called Inamura Classic Invitational, is held only when the big waves are coming and always very short noticed.  The latest one was in 2013 and it was the first time in the last 24 years.  I took these pictures of riders at 2013 competition.  Inamura is the next beach from here.



When walking around here, we happen to find stone posts, monuments, statues standing here and there on the street. Not only in Kamakura, anywhere in Japan is maybe the same.  There is a Koshinzuka (roadside stone posts dedicated to something, not necessary to people) right next to our shop.  But regrettably we do not know who or what is offered to.





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Kamakura map

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